Question: What is LinkToGame.com?
Answer: We are themed ad network focused on the promotion for client and browser games. These are the titles of the various categories - MMO, FPS, RPG, MMORPG, social etc. In our offer publishers will find the largest number of active campaigns available on the market - currently promoting more than 60 games. We working with major publishers and developers from Europe, Asia and North America

Question: What do I need to start working with LinkToGame.com?
Answer: You need to complete the contact form.

Question: Where should I place my ads?
Answer: LinkToGame is a network dedicated for publishers who use the links - site owners, video channels and fan pages dedicated to games.

Question: What about the billings?
Answer: A publisher who is not established, settled on their own income tax. Publishers established set us a standard invoice.

Question: Is there a period during which I have to show ads?
Answer: No. You can enable or disable the ads, when you want.

Question: How does it work?
Answer: By putting link of the game on the website (generated after approval) on your website, channel or fan page you enable a potential player registrations. Our system counts each of them - and you'll earn.

Question: How do I get paid?
Answer: The salary is obtainable via PayPal or bank account.

Question: Can I receive payment in my bank account?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I have to send any documents?
Answer: The document regulating cooperation between the parties is the Terms.

Question: Is it required to sign contract?
Answer: You have to accept Terms of the registration.

Question: How long do I have to wait for the acceptance of the website?
Answer: The approval process may take up to 48 hours. As a rule, does not exceed one working day.

Question: How much I can earn?
Answer: Salary for each exhibitor are dependent on the number of conversions, page redirects to the advertisers and the number of users who have.
Question: What is the minimum payout?
Answer: The minimum payout is 50 euro. Pay within 30 days after receipt of the invoice.
Question: In case of video material, do I have to make them by myself?
Answer: Not necessarily. You can also use the public materials, such as game trailers on YouTube and embed them on your website, channel or fan page by adding a link to registration.

Question: Can I promote registration, handing out "gifts"
Answer: No. Look at it from the perspective of publishers - the player who recorded in his game only to receive something is not value.

Question: Can I encourage to registration by doing contests?
Answer: Absolutely! You can encourage players such as doing a contest of who in the shortest possible time will go way from 1 to 10 level in the selected game and show you that by. It will engage them in a real game and present the possibilities of the game.

Question: Why do I have a lot of clicks and few registration?
Answer: This may be due to several reasons: already existing account - Publishers pay only for new players, not returning. If your users already have an account on the website or platform, the publisher will not convert - directed at login to previously created account. Geo - campaigns are counted only if the registrations come from a country targeted by the campaign. For example, if the campaign is geotargeting in Poland, the publisher is not interested in players from Madagascar, even very active . Ad-blockers - some Internet users by default block any advertising formats (more than 1 million in Poland) Additional restrictions - publishers sometimes prohibit an opportunity to promote the game in the channel - such as SEM or social (FB) or zero activity of players in the game (open registration)

Question: Why do some campaigns are set to 0 PLN rate?
Answer: Result from the fact that campaign has been stopped with immediate effect. Sometimes temporarily (a few hours - for example technical change) or longer. In any such case, we try to immediately inform our partners in LinkToGame.

Question: Can I earn more?
Answer: YES! If your move will be extremely valuable (active players, paying, spending a lot of time in the game), you can become an premium affiliate and receive a higher rates, which we negotiate on your behalf.

Question: Can I add to my video links unrelated to their games?
Answer: YES! For example, if at a given moment is not active campaign League of Legends you can direct your viewers to other similar MOBA games like Dota 2. There is a good chance that players will be interested in this game also.

Question: Why do some campaigns are not available for me?
Answer: We are constantly working together with clients to acquire top quality players. If traffic comes through your channel at some time has been questioned, some campaigns may be directed to selected trusted partners.

Question: Can I directly encouraged to register?
Answer: Driving traffic to the game through a slogans like "Sign up and get a gift from me" or "Sign up and let me earn" are strictly prohibited.