Terms of Use
The Regulations define the terms of cooperation between :
1. Publisher,
2 linktogame.pl , a brand of the company :
Mellongames S.A.
Mysłowicka 2A
01-612 Warsaw
Tax ID: 7010259915
Company ID: 142606847
KRS: 0000407529
Basic concepts contained in the regulations :
  1. Terms - means this document
  2. User - any individual or legal person registered on the site linktogame.pl
  3. Advertiser - any individual or legal person who contracts emissions in advertising system linktogame.pl registered as an advertiser
  4. Publisher - any individual or legal person involved in the system linktogame.pl
Content Rules:
  1. The subject of the terms in network linktogame.pl is to define the cooperation between the organizer and the publisher in order to promote by the Publisher products and advertisers services by using its own funds, materials and tools provided by the organizer, through the computer system Organizer.
  2. To participate in the network linktogame.pl is to accept the provisions of these terms and positively approved account by the employee from advertising network.
  3. Only sites managed by people who are at least 18 years old, are taken to the system linktogame.pl. In the case of publisher having limited legal capacity, the conclusion of the contract requires the submission of consent by patent or guardians or trustee, expressed in writing under pain of nullity and send to the mailing address.
  4. Ads may not be placed on pages with no content or no valuable content.
  5. The code generated by linktogame.pl must be pasted directly into a web page without modification.
  6. All methods of generating artificial, unfair clicks, registrations or automatic display ads are not allowed. It is forbidden to hand, repeated clicking on the ads, placing inscriptions incentives to click or use programs that simulate clicks. It is forbidden to place links or banners on websites other than those notified. Every publisher needs to know where is the link and, if necessary, and verification must select it.
  7. Each service user receives access to statistics.
  8. You may at any time with or without cause terminate your ads, removing from the site code pasted from the site linktogame.pl. System administrators can also at any time without giving any reason terminate the relationship with the publisher.
  9. User allow Organizer to use User name in presentations, promotional materials, the financial statements, list of Web sites clients, search results pages and recommended websites, only to inform about the cooperation agreement between User and Organizer. User also agree to receive newsletters from the Organizer.
  10. Linktogame.pl Network reserves the right to refuse or suspend advertising for any reason. Linktogame.pl Network reserves the right not to pay compensation in the event of a breach of the Terms.
  11. For copyright infringement by the user - through the use of the Web page content owned by another person or in any other way – User are solely responsible.
  12. Service linktogame.pl shall not be liable for any loss arising as a result of its use.
  13. Payment shall be made electronically on the basis of invoices, receipts or other documents issued by the Publisher. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 zł. Payments will be made within 30 days of receipt of the invoice by the owner linktogame.pl.
  14. Network linktogame.pl is entitled to cancel the payment in the event of a breach of the Terms.
  15. During the term of this Agreement, the Publisher and the Advertiser is responsible for the confidentiality of all information and for 12 months after termination of the Agreement.